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Theresa Anthony is a freelance writer, now specializing in the field of addiction, mental health, and dual diagnosis recovery since losing her 25-year old son to alcoholism and depression-related suicide in 2013. To honor her son’s memory, as well as offer inspiration and guidance to other parents or individuals struggling with addiction, Ms. Anthony produces informative blogs, webpage content, and articles for a large and diverse group of behavioral health providers across the country on a monthly basis.


Ms. Anthony began her writing career in the mid-nineties as an op-ed contributor, sharing her musings about parenting, education, cultural issues, and much more. Over the period of her 23 year career she has been published extensively, including in The Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, The Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Times, various magazines, and more. Her shift in 2014 to the addiction and mental health space now allows her to be actively involved in helping others, including sharing about her personal grief journey.

In 2018 Ms. Anthony tackled a very personal and emotionally difficult project, culminating in the recently completed memoir, My 13th Station. The story represents three intersecting elements: 1. Her painful experience as the mother of an adult child who suffered with depression and alcoholism, 2. A demonic infestation in their section of the neighborhood, brought about through the actions of a practicing witch next door, and which may have been connected to the three completed suicides in the space of just 16 homes, and, 3. Her personal faith journey, from cradle Catholic, to a secular humanist agnostic, to the rediscovery and embracing of her Catholic faith 20 years ago.


Ms. Anthony is a devout Catholic, with a deep devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, and credits her strong faith for her resilience and optimism. She has been blessed with two wonderful and accomplished daughters in addition to her beloved son, Matthew in heaven, and four beautiful grandchildren. When not writing, she enjoys Zumba classes, her rescued boxer, Rocky, and creating Catholic-inspired artwork for her Etsy shop.

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