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Storytelling Straight from the Heart

My new book, In Search of Gopher Hollow, blends, sentimentality, humor, nostalgia, and raw emotion to paint the vivid canvas that is my life story. While writing it, my goal was to draw the reader intimately into my world, one decade at a time, as I described in painstaking detail the pivotal events that colored my life.


You'll feel like you are walking right alongside me, re-experiencing the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond - or like you are sitting next to me on a wild roller coaster ride, whipsawing up and down, back and forth as we zip through each eventful chapter of my life.


As you read my story, you’ll find I have suffered many significant losses and disappointments. Despite this, I have somehow managed to overcome all of it and carry on, even as bleak as things seemed at times. Thankfully, I was blessed with a survival spirit that I hope will inspire you.

I credit God for loving me and watching over me my entire life. I also credit my grandfather, a charismatic, larger-than-life figure, for teaching me important life lessons and equipping me with survival skills that would serve me well throughout my life. Indeed, it was at my grandparents’ home called Gopher Hollow that I found refuge at eight years of age, after having experienced much turmoil in my early childhood years.

At that impressionable age, I soaked up like a sponge all the sensory delights I discovered there at Gopher Hollow - the scents of gardenia and eucalyptus, the song of the mourning dove - while also forging a close bond with my grandpa. The result was a blueprint for joy that became deeply engrained in my psyche and propelled me forward over the years (hence the book’s title).

In sharing about the losses and challenges I’ve faced, I hope to become a positive example for others to emulate, and to offer readers a sense of hope when things appear utterly hopeless. In essence, In Search of Gopher Hollow is a real-life example of faith, hope, an
d joy in action.

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A Mother Shares Her Son's Tragic Battle with Depression, Alcoholism, and Demons

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Enjoy this podcast

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Enjoy this podcast

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to My Blog

Journey with me as I share my personal life experiences in hopes of inspiring others who may be facing a difficult chapter or two. I am very pleased to announce my newest memoir In Search of Gopher Hollow. In it, I walk the reader through my whole life story, which is quite the roller coaster ride. But with the help of a loving God and a powerful mentor in my late grandfather, I was able to hang on and forge ahead through some very tumultuous times.


My last book, Hope Springs from a Mother's Broken Heart: 11 Mothers Share How They Survived the Loss of a Child, delves deeply into the unique grief journey that a mother must endure. I have learned a lot, so I decided to help newly grieving mothers by creating a guidebook. Ten other grieving mothers joined me in sharing their own courageous stories, offering the reader an important resource for tips and wisdom. Mostly, the reader will be inspired by the strength of these ladies, and the amazing ways they have chosen to honor their child's memory.

My first memoir, My 13th Station: A Mother Shares Her Son's Tragic Battle with Depression, Alcoholism, and Demons, is a transparent accounting of my son's harrowing journey during the last six years of his short life. In this book, I provide firsthand information that can truly help other parents of struggling teens or young adults.

My hope is, through writing and blogging about the a variety of real life issues, that I offer my readers constructive advice based on my personal experiences - and that I inspire them to never give up. 

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Theresa Anthony tells her compelling story in her own voice. 

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